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2in1 Rechargeable Mosquito Killer Racket
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Suitable for home, office,  travel, easy to carry and use anytime anywhere.

Features dual use, it is a mosquito killing lamp and a mosquito swatter.

3 layers mesh of insulation protection nets on the front and back, to prevent electric shock.

Middle-level fine grid has a low-current safe voltage, for safe range to humans and a strong voltage for mosquitoes and flies.

2 Killing mode stand base / wall mounted, which is safe and efficient.

USB Type-C charging port.

Specially designed for mosquito sensitivity will stimulate the mosquitos light-tending instinct and attract mosquitoes to fly to high-voltage nets.



- High voltage hazard
- Beware of electric shock
- Do not touch the metal grid with your hands or fingers while the mosquito swatter is charging or working
- Do not use this product that in places where have flammable gases, liquids and high risk chemicals, in order to avoid danger.
- Please keep away from children, elderly, pets when using this product, the metal grid will create high voltage when it is working
- This product is prohibited for children to use, to avoid improper operation and endanger personal safety.


Packages include: 1 unit of 2in1 Rechargeable Mosquito Killer Racket  (Metal grid, UV Lamp, electric shock indicator, charge/charge indicator, and base)

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